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Health & Fitness Coach


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Email: Coach@JuliaPickslay.com

“BarreFit (bär-f t) n. 

1. Fresh new way to sculpt your body.

2. Kick-your butt workout.

3. Challenging, yet you can't wait for the next class!” - Cecile D.

Get in Shape

Like our training, our classes are designed to be fast, efficient answers to your fitness needs. We offer unique classes that are highly effective and highly addictive. Come find out what all the buzz is about.

Our most popular class is BarreFitness which fuses ballet warm up exercises with yoga and Pilates to lengthen muscles, lift the seat and define arms and shoulders. We utilize a ballet barre for stretching and balance and use small intense movements with low to know weight to sculpt the body resulting in long, lean legs, sculpted arms and shoulders, a lifted seat and toned abs. This class is so effective that you’ll see and feel a different you within 10 classes.

BarreFitness Plus is a 75 minute class that starts with a traditional BarreFitness class and finishes with a nice “pop” of CardioPunch™.

BarreFitness100’s is our beginner class and the best place to start if you have not tried a barre based class before.

BarreFitnessExpress is a quick 30 minute class that gives you all the “love” of our traditional class in a faster pace, shorter class.

BarreFitnessCardio is coming! With a strong ballet emphasis, this class takes beautiful ballet training positions and sets them to fast paced movements to target your cardiovascular health.


CardioPunch is just that, a quick punch of cardio to tax both your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles. Loosely based on the Tabata Protocol, we divide 20 minutes into short intense cardio bursts with short rest. The results are radically improved cardiovascular fitness and hands-down the best Fat Burn available!

Class Pricing:

Full Class Passes - $20 per class, $108 for 6 Pack ($12 savings), $192 for 12 Pack ($48 savings), $336 for 24 Pack ($144 savings)

New Client Unlimited Month - $100

Monthly Autopay - $150 - Unlimited classes, 3 month commitment, month to month after initial term with 30 day notice of cancellation.

Class Schedule


Monday                       5:30pm  

Tuesday                       6:30pm

Wednesday                  5:30pm

Thursday                      5:30pm

Saturday                       8:00am


Monday                        9:45am

Wednesday                  9:00am


Tuesday                       5:30pm

Saturday                       9:15am


Tuesday                      12:30pm

Tuesday                      12:30pm

         Friday                   5:00pm

All classes now taught only at Assets

853 Monterey, at the end of Rose Alley