Julia Pickslay


Health & Fitness Coach


Announcing the Opening Of:

Come see our fantastic new studio, beautiful boutique and unique class offerings.

853 Monterey St, at the end of Rose Alley

“Julia taught me what being in shape really means--balance and coordination, as well as strength and endurance--and she persuaded me to face up to the challenges I thought I'd never be able to meet. She was both encouraging and rigorous.”  - Lisa D.

Land: 650*862*2655

Email: Coach@JuliaPickslay.com


Highly Effective and Highly Addictive. We offer unique classes that can’t be found within 200 miles of the Central Coast.


Long, Lean Legs

Lifted Seat

Sculpted Arms & Shoulders

Increased Flexibility


Ultimate Fat Burn

Fastest Cardio Improvement

Online Coaching

Individual and Group Coaching from your home, on your own time.

  1. *Weekly Phone Calls

  2. *Regular Homework

  3. *Unlimited Email Contact

  4. *Diet Plan

  5. *Exercise Schedule

  6. *Video Support

Get the support you need to get you to the results you want.

One to One Training

Individualized training happens in our San Luis Obispo studio, your home or out in the real world arena.

Results Oriented

Success Driven

Fast & Efficient

Change Your Body

Lose Weight

Injury Recovery

Improve Your Game

We specialize in knowing the body, knowing how it works and diagnosing your specific needs.

Class Schedule


Monday                       5:30pm  

Tuesday                       6:30pm

Wednesday                  5:30pm

Thursday                      5:30pm

Saturday                       8:00am


Monday                        9:45am

Wednesday                  9:00am


Tuesday                       5:30pm

Saturday                       9:15am


Tuesday                      12:30pm

Tuesday                      12:30pm

         Friday                   5:00pm

All classes now taught only at Assets

853 Monterey, at the end of Rose Alley

Fat Burning - Cardio Blasting Body Shaping

Come discover the difference today.