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Julia Pickslay has been a lifelong athlete competing as a sprinter and hurdler in track & field, a swimmer, a cyclist, a triathlete, body builder and a player of volleyball and softball. She continues to be a lover of board sports such as surfing, snow skiing & boarding and water skiing along with her great love of horseback riding, where she contemplates competing in cross country someday soon. She has also been a long time coach of over 20 years. Her constant quest is to find the very best in fitness training philosophies and cutting edge products to make sure that her athletes and clients have every advantage to be their best whether that is in sport, weight loss or just better fitness. She also believes in results. So many people promise results but too many fall short. If you are not reaching the goals you expected then switch trainers and find a new program.



Julia's targeted approach to my workout regimen not only included typical cardio and strength but also core elements and a good amount of stretching and I no longer suffer from back problems."  - Laura S.

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Our basic philosophy is Core Based Functional Fitness that is Results Based and Success Driven. Our number one goal is always to get you to your goal, regardless of whether or not it is a weight loss and firm up goal or an elite athlete’s goal of reaching the next level. We firmly believe that without your success we are not successful so thoughtful planning goes into each program and we encourage constant communication to stay on task. We believe that if you are going to hire a professional that this is exactly what you should get. Unfortunately so many professionals out there are not accomplishing this and we hope that you have found us because you are tired of training and not getting what you want.

Our philosophy also stems from Julia’s background in coaching. We believe the best trainer and instructor is a Coach first. We believe in working with all aspects of your life to break through barriers, stay disciplined and on track and coach you through to success. We hope you find us approachable, engaging, knowledgeable and motivating.


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As the leader in educating coaches on how to get the most out of athletes by coaching the mind, Julia brings her expertise into the mainstream world by showing how to go beyond the training and discover roadblocks, motivation and secret pathways to greater discipline and results.