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Fat Burning - Cardio Blasting

Body Shaping 

New 30 Minute Private Training for as low as $25!

Get in Shape

Training One to One allows us to create the perfect fitness program that will help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently with ever modification necessary and lots of support and encouragement.

  1. *    Improve your game

  2. *    Get in Shape

  3. *    Injury Recovery

  4. *    Lose Weight

  5. *    Tone Muscles

“Julia is a superb coach... (She) utilizes her successful background as a competitor and coach, coupled with superb motivation skills and a thorough understanding of her athletes. With diverse experience in all aspects of sports, including marketing, funding, competition, coaching and administration, Julia enables her athletes to develop to their full potential with her careful guidance, skill development, and personalized training.” 

                - Kevin G., Athlete’s Parent

Lean & Defined

Rapid Results

More Energy

A New You - guaranteed

We specialize in the 30 minute workout - fast, efficient and results driven.

Need some extra support and motivation?

  1. *   Sign up for Buddy Training: Enlist a friend and share your                      workout schedule, motivating and encouraging each other along the way or maybe even getting a little competitive.

  1. *   Small Group Programs: Pull together 4-6 friends to create your own private class training. We design it for the goals of the group and have a blast shedding pounds and burning fat.

  1. *  Summer time “Recess” Camps: Remember what great shape you were in as a kid and how fun recess was? We now offer private training programs based on fun “play” get in shape exercises delivered in an outdoor setting. You put the group together, chose a 6 week or 12 week timeline and we’ll coordinate the schedule. You have fun “playing” with your friends and you won’t even know you’re exercising.

One to One Training

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