Julia Pickslay


Health & Fitness Coach


“For the last 10 months I have been coached by Julia during our group rides. Over this period of time I have found Julia to be approachable, highly knowledgeable, technical, supportive and focused on helping me achieve my personal goals. Julia evaluated my riding position, bike fit and made some adjustments. At all times Julia has taken an active interest in my progress, providing feedback during and after the rides (cadence, body position, bike handling) and invaluable guidance on how to identify the onset of over training and how it can be avoided. My progress has been nothing short of remarkable. By diligently following Julia's advices, accepting the challenges laid down, I am now riding with complete confidence. Thank you, Julia, without you, it was not possible!” - Baglan N.

Land: 650*862*2655

Email: Coach@JuliaPickslay.com

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Fat Burning - Cardio Blasting

Body Shaping 

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Fat Burning - Cardio Blasting Body Shaping 

Online Coaching

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Class Schedule


Monday                       5:30pm  

Tuesday                       6:30pm

Wednesday                  5:30pm

Thursday                      5:30pm

Saturday                       8:00am


Monday                        9:45am

Wednesday                  9:00am


Tuesday                       5:30pm

Saturday                       9:15am


Tuesday                      12:30pm

Tuesday                      12:30pm

         Friday                   5:00pm

All classes now taught only at Assets

853 Monterey, at the end of Rose Alley